It's the first ever in Switzerland!

An assortment of flavors and colors is placed inside the "aquarium". Sandwiches and salads are freshly prepared. The famous “Buffalo Mozzarella DOC” and the famous “Zizzona Battipaglia” predominate and are accompanied by cherry tomatoes DOP, Parma’s ham DOP, bread and homemade pizza. A freshness to try.

Italian Heart

To create colors, you need to combine between them, primary colors. In our kitchen the same principle is used: raw materials are essential! All our dishes are prepared from raw materials. All our dishes are indeed fresh, unique and authentic. Nothing is already prepared. Freshness and tradition by us, is like at home.


Milan, l'année 1821...

... the aperitif at the Milan way, is now a fad. It's more an ”aperi-dinner” than just a simple glass of wine. Here at “La Voglia” the aperitif is the traditional one : Pizza slices, cold cuts and vegetables everything accompanied by one of the best Italian wines selected. A great time to meet and discuss but also a rebirth for the taste buds.

La pizza

We have developed a 5 stars mixture based on the choice of crushed stone ground flour grains of only 100% italian with a sourdough from 48 to 72 hours, so as to have a tasty and light pizza, topped with fresh ingredients of the highest quality that you can find only here at "La Voglia"

In the "Take Away"

All our dishes are available for take away. Whatever will be your choice, it will be tasty!